Transformer Services

Transformer Repair, Maintenance and Inspection Services for Commercial and Industrial Businesses in Michigan

From Design and Build to Testing and Repair – We Provide Expert Service for ALL Your Electrical Transformer Needs!

Michigan Transformer Services: Repair, Inspection, Design/Build | TIR - panelElectrical transformer testing – from the simple to the complex.

Transformer Inspection Retrofill’s testing capabilities include high, medium, and low voltage testing and calibration.  Our testing and recording meters are regularly calibrated to ensure reliable test results. Our technicians are trained and skilled in using and interpreting the test results obtained from our equipment, such as meggering, turns ratio, hi-potential, amp, and voltage meters and recorders, as well as harmonics.

Customized Transformer Design/Build Services

For some, it's the repair of a transformer currently in use. For others, it's a used transformer. Still,others require new equipment. Regardless of your needs, Transformer Inspection Retrofill Corp. has, in inventory, every piece of equipment necessary for any job we're likely to encounter. From the simplest installations to the most elaborate new equipment needs our customers might throw at us, we have both the expertise and the necessary hardware. Tell us what you have in mind - we know you'll be pleased with a Transformer Inspection Retrofill Corp. solution.

Reliable 24/7 Emergency Service

Michigan Transformer Services: Repair, Inspection, Design/Build | TIR - sirenEverybody in our business talks about emergency capabilities as though they are the only true professionals, and sometimes it’s hard to wade through all the claims. At Transformer Inspection Retrofill Corp., we take our emergency service seriously. To us, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, means just that.

We have a long list of customers, both private and public, who have called upon us in dire emergencies in the past, and we have traveled to more sites across the country than any of our competition for purposes of assessing and repairing all kinds of electrical programs. We're as good as the track record we've established. We believe it’ll stack up to any other in our field!

High Voltage Transformer Maintenance

Michigan Transformer Services: Repair, Inspection, Design/Build | TIR - hi-voltIt's true of electrical equipment, just as it's true of everything in life...little problems, left unattended, become big problems. That's why so many of our customers call upon Transformer Inspection Retrofill Corp. to annually inspect their equipment. Such inspections, if done every year, on a timely basis, give us benchmark readings with which to compare at each visit. Many of our tests can be performed on-site, with absolutely no interruption to your operations. Other tests are performed in our state-of-the-art lab.

These inspections represent very little in terms of cost to you. But, there can be tremendous cost both in terms of lost productivity and capital expenditure if you take your equipment for granted. Don’t wait until your equipment becomes an accident waiting to happen!

State-of-the-Art Infrared Scanning Identifies Problems Before They Become Critical

You could call it the ultimate in preventative maintenance. This technology enables us to thermographically analyze electrical equipment. With this unique insight, we can detect problems before they have the chance to cause downtime, idle workers and loss of revenue. But, like everything else we utilize, our infrared equipment is only as good as the professionals who put it to use. At Transformer Inspection Retrofill Corp., our people are even better than the sophisticated tools they use.

Don’t let a small issue turn into a big problem, contact our office today to schedule an inspection or repair services for your transformer.